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Below are some example assignments to give an idea of the type of work JPC undertakes.



  • Funded Site Surveys - Client: Carbon Trust. John Pooley was one of the original team of consultants that were involved in the development of the site survey scheme. To date he has undertaken in excess of 60 surveys under the scheme.

  • Gearing Consultant Motor & Drives - Client: ETSU (now FES). Over a two year period providing technical and marketing support in the area of motors and drives. Part of this work was the development of the Motor Challenge series of workshops that travelled around the UK.

  • Gearing Consultant Management Techniques - Client: ETSU (now FES). Over a one year period providing technical support in the area of management techniques. In particular this work looked at the role of middle and senior managers in energy efficiency.

  • Minerals Sector Facilitator - Client: ETSU (now FES). Over a two year period providing support to the Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme's activity in the UK minerals sector. This work involved liaison with the trade association, the QPA, and other relevant parties.

  • Gearing Consultant Non-Ferrous Metals - Client: ETSU (now FES). Over a two year period providing support to the Energy Efficiency Best Practice Programme's activity in the UK non-ferrous metals sector. This work involved liaison with a number of the trade associations including ALFED.

  • Post Project Reviews - Client: Environment Agency. This assignment involved the review of 18 Environment Agency R&D projects over a period of three years. The outcome was a series of recommendations for improving the process of R&D project management within the Agency.

  • Environmental Review - Client: A UK University. This involved a critical assessment of the university's environmental management and included guidance on the issues involved with ISO14001.

  • Environmental Review - Client: Caribbean Cement Company. This involved an assessment of on-site electricity generation and use as well as cement kiln operation. Outcome was a range of opportunities for improvement including recommendations on life cycle analysis.

  • Environmental Supply Chain Project - Client: Nottingham Energy Partnership. This project involved developing an approach to environmental management for elements of the supply chain to the Queen's Medical Centre in Nottingham. A pilot group of suppliers were guided through the initial stages of an environmental assessment.

  • Environmental Auditor Training - Client: Royal Mail. This assignment was delivered with the Ashridge Management Centre. The scope of work was to provide practical on-site training for Royal Mail environmental auditors. All trainees qualified as EARA approved auditors.

  • Energy Management Training - Client: Corporation of London. Over a two year programme the development and delivery of energy management training to the Corporation's Energy Wardens and M&E staff.

  • Energy Management Training - Client: Bristol City Council. A two year programme of site surveys and training for Site Energy Officers.

  • Energy Efficiency Advisor - Client: A minerals company. This assignment involved training, site surveys and strategic support for the energy efficiency programme of the company's international aggregates division.

  • Compressed Air Training - Client: BCAS/EI. John was involved in the development and delivery of the British Compressed Air Society's one day energy efficiency in compressed air course that was delivered in conjunction with the Energy Institute.

  • Green Business Club - Client: Wolverhampton MBC. This was a joint project with the University of Wolverhampton which involved local manufacturing SMEs and final year degree students. Each SME was allocated a student to work on issues in the company as their final year project. Monthly meetings of the group were held which included training on specific topics. John Pooley was part of the co-ordinating team and the technical consultant for the project. He also acted as the industrial supervisor to the students. The 'club' lasted for three years until EU funding expired.

  • Development of web-based environmental training - Client: University of Wolverhampton. This was part of a larger 'extranet' project for the Black Country to provide on demand training for SMEs. The work involved the development of the complete content for a web based environmental training module.

  • Training for Site Energy Managers - Client: A building products company. This involved the development and delivery of a one day, on-site training course for the company's site energy managers.

  • Independent Monitoring - Client: A water treatment company. This assignments involved the extended monitoring of a hot water system in a hotel to assess the energy impact of alternative methods of water treatment.

  • Environmental Policy Development - Client: A plastic products company. Developing an environmental policy to meet the requirements of a major retailer.

  • Staff Attitude Survey - Client: A high street banking organisation. This involved the development and analysis of a staff attitude survey covering 500 branches of the bank. In addition to analysis of postal results, follow-up interviews were undertaken.

  • Retail Energy Saving - Client: A high street retailer. This involved an assessment of the current energy efficiency of the high street stores and the development of recommendations for a revised M&E specification for new stores.

  • Energy Consultancy - Client: A glass container manufacturer. Driven by issues with the electricity supply to the site, this assignment reviewed ways of reducing the use of electricity on site, which focussed on the electricity use of the glass making furnaces.

  • Compressed Air Review - Client: A large automotive site. This involved a complete assessment of compressed air generation and use on site. As a result, energy savings of 10% were made with no capital expenditure.

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