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Surveys, Audits & Reviews

Surveys, audits & reviews are the 'on the ground' elements of any energy or environmental improvement programme. Knowing your 'baseline' is the starting point for developing an improvement programme. Equally, once the programme is running regular audits and reviews are required to check on progress.

Provided that the client acts on the recommendations made, surveys are highly cost effective as they usually identify worthwhile, on-going savings. (Energy savings in the region of 5% are often achievable without any capital expenditure. Claims are made for savings in the region of 20-30% but these are exceptional and usually entail capital expenditure.)

Services offered by JPC:
  • A full range of energy audits, surveys and reviews, ranging from on-site health checks, through technology focused surveys to whole site/organisation detailed surveys - some of these services can be delivered through the Carbon Trust survey scheme.

  • JPC energy surveys can cover a wide range of issues including, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, compressed air, motors & drives, BMS, Combined Heat & Power, renewable energy, furnaces, process plant, on-site generation, boilers, steam systems, refrigeration systems, metering,......

  • Environmental audits and reviews 

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